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.      The body of the text is 12 points, in a classical font (Times for instance).

.      The general title of the paper is in bold font, centered, 18 points

.      The name of the authors is indicated under the general title, uppercase, in normal style (not in bold), centered, 16 points. The coordinates of the authors (institution, postal address, e-mail…) are indicated as numbered footnotes.

.      Under the authors' names are placed French and English abstracts, introduced by the words Résumé and Abstract bold font, centered, 10 points. The body of the abstracts is in 10 points.

.      The parts of the paper are numbered in Roman figures. Their title is in bold font, uppercase, 16 points, centered.

.      The sections of the paper are numbered in arabic figures. Their title is bold font, 16 points left aligned.

.      The subsections are numbered by the section number followed by an ordering number. For instance, 2.5 indicates the fifth subsection of section 2. Their title is in normal style, 14 points, left aligned.

.      Bibliographic entries are listed at the end of the paper, in first author's name alphabetical order, in a separate part introduced by the word References

.      Mathematical formulae are numbered between parentheses by reference to the section and an ordering number. For instance, (2.5) numbers the fifth formula of the second section.


An example of presentation is given here.